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The basics of marketing your website

The first thing to keep in mind is that the world wide web is huge, and growing everyday. Last report was that it was growing by 7 million pages a day. With that said you should realize that your new website is just one of many that are seeking to be found on the web. How should you market your website?


One route is to pay to pay a professional search engine optimizer (SEO) a few hundred dollars a month to continually "optimize" your site. They do this by creating their own pages filled with keywords, but written in a prose format, that link both to your site and to other similar sites that happen to be clients of theirs. The reputable ones generally have success, but you usually pay continuously to keep your ranking high.


A less expensive route, but one that requires your time, is to build a website that has value, with information that both a search engine and your visitor will seek. Rather than spending your energy trying to trick the search engine by hiding keywords in the background, or stuffing your meta tags with keywords that are popular search engines words, but have nothing to do with your site, you should create pages full of interesting text. Within that text you can put keywords that search engines will find and site visitors will find helpful. Once you've published this website, give the search engines a chance to find it. This may take months, so be patient.



What do to while you wait for Google to find you


There are a few steps to take while you wait for the search engines to find your well-crafted site:

  • start by submitting your web address (the home page) to the major search engines. See the link section below for details. But don't keep submitting week after week. Wait 3-4 months. If your site isn't listed then submit again.
  • find web directories that are specific to your area and submit your web address there also.
  • also if you belong to a trade organization, or are a distributor of a product, or a member of a chamber, check these sources to see if they have a website that will list you.
  • don't miss any opportunity to publicize your new website address. This includes business cards, even if it means adding a label to the back or having a stamp created and stamping your new web address on the front of your current stock of business cards
  • add a greeting to your answering machine for those calling you after hours that information about your business or organization can be found 24/7 on your website and state the address clearly, spelling it out, if necessary.
  • if you do any print advertising, be sure to include that new web address
  • if you have business vehicles, look into purchasing a frame for your rear license plate that has your web address on it.
  • and don't forget any signage on the building where your business is located. Add that web address!

the Links

Here are links to the major search engines. Some have free listings, others charge.






Open Directory Project

Alta Vista


MSN BCentral




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