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the dos of website design

When designing a website you should:

  • use web safe colors so that everyone sees the design you intended
  • test your pages in as many browsers as possible before publishing - IE 5.5, Netscape 7, AOL 8, Opera 7
  • place navigation either along the left side of your pages or along the top and then again in text along the bottom of the page, on every page, so that visitors don't get lost, and frustrated
  • add a site map to your site, even if the site is only 5 pages
  • fill your pages with interesting text, not just graphics - and use alt text with all graphics


the don'ts of website design

When designing a website you shouldn't:

  • allow your page to be so wide that a visitor has to scroll back and forth to see it - know what your constituency is using for technology
  • use a spash page as your home page. A flash opening is fun, but search engines don't like them and viewers want to know what the site is about first before being entertained
  • put music on your site that can't easily and quickly be turned off - or put music on your site period, unless your site downloads music for sale.
  • stray from your mission - keep your information and graphics about the topic of your website, i.e. if you are selling candles, you don't need a link to the local weather.
  • make finding contact information such as a phone number or email address difficult, best to put this information on every page



the Links

Follow these links, using them as a resource for more information about website design and the like.


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